Ubi Sunt

I am currently taking an Early English Literature class and if I am honest, it has to be the most boring class I have ever taken. After the first week, I sat in the lecture wondering what the heck I was going to get out of class. I mean, the poems we read are interesting and thought provoking, but the class itself is just boring and ridiculously easy. I will be the first to admit, I never really pay attention in this class and am usually texting friends/playing games on my phone. 

But. One afternoon in class, this boring-easy-waste-of-time class stopped me in my tracks. The phrase, ubi sunt,” Latin for, “where are” struck me in a way I was not expecting. I pondered the phrase for the rest of class and for the next several days. Why was this particular phrase standing out to me so much? There was no answer to this question, yet my heart remained riddled by these two simple words. 

After unriddling the phrase a little more, I finally figured it out. This is a phrase God was speaking to me. I began to think about the last few years, all the times I cried, “ubi sunt” to God and all the times he “remained silent.” But was his silence actually silence? Or was the “lack of response” merely because I was not listening? Or perhaps, the silence was simply because it was not the right time for God to reveal himself and answer my call.

God answers us in His timing. Although I wanted the answer to my weary cry right then and there, it was not God’s perfect timing. There are seasons of my life where I feel like David and cry out for God to deliver me from the trials that surround me. At times, God has chosen to not answer me right away, but in His faithfulness, the answer came at the perfect time. These times of “silence” are the hardest moments of my life, but they also are the most defining. 

Maybe you are crying “ubi sunt” and feel like God isn’t answering your cry. Know that God hears you and in His perfect timing, He will reveal himself to you. Press on in perseverance and in faith. 

 The actual poem I wrote for the class is in the post beneath this one…so just keep scrolling down to read the poem!


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